We are Placeholder.
We frame the moment.


  • Artistic direction

  • Branding

  • Consulting

  • Lighting

  • Post process

  • Product photography

  • Fashion photography


  • 99 Main Street

  • Berlin

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  • (a) Listen

  • (b) Learn

  • (c) Create


  • Emily Parker
    Creative Director

  • Ava Reynolds
    Portrait Photography

  • Sophia

  • Noah Mitchell
    Studio Assistant

A close up a the boots of a woman lying on a green and red tennis field, super retro vibe
Editorial picture of a blond woman with retro sunglasses and a daisy in her mouth
Paparazzi like picture of woman dressed in a suit, hiding her face with her hand
Portrait of a person with a sheet on their face, with their hand against their face
Woman sitting against an elevator door, with her leg up to her knee
Portrait from the back of a man with yellow hair and pink sunglasses, super retro vibe

Selected clients

  • Alexander Mc. Queen

  • Prada

  • L'orangerie

  • Trenttoto

  • Typology Paris

  • YSL

  • Eric Bombard

  • Jacquemus

  • Nike

  • Céramiques Paris

  • Bompard

  • Olfactif Paris


  • Ignant

  • CB News

  • Awwwards SOTM

  • Behance Interaction (3)

  • Behance Graphic design (4)

  • Behance Gallery (7)

  • Codrops Feature (2)


  • Ultrabodies (2023)

  • Origo Group (2023)

  • New Religion Glitch (2022)

  • Cartography of an Unhappened Journey (2022)

  • FRAC Venture (2021)

  • (Dis)Organisation (2020)

  • Temple Bodies (2019)

  • Selected Letters (2017)

Soft portrait of a woman in the nature, covered by the ambiant shadows of the leaves around her

Placeholder has been founded by Mila Reve. She is a professional photographer and Art Director based in Berlin. Her pictures have been exposed in various galleries in Japan, Argentina, Greece, United Kingdom and France.
She has a weakness for freshly grounded coffee beans and french litterature.